Monday, December 1, 2008


I am almost embarrassed to admit that I was curious about the Twilight Series. I picked up the book about a month ago, read about 50 pages and thought "eh". I already knew the basic idea, he's a vampire she's a human...forbidden love, yadda yadda took a while to get there in the book and I was impatient.

Then all the craziness happened with Neil's appointment at Children's Specialized with the Autism Screening and I dove into a ton of Autism books, Twilight took the back of the book shelf.

Well I took back to the book and decided to give it another go. I finally (it was like, page 150 or so) got to the part where he admits he's a vampire and WOW. I'm hooked! I gotta admit, just a few weeks ago I was laughing at these little tween girls on the news, screaming that they want to have Rob Pattenson (whoever plays Edward)'s baby. I remember laughing and saying sarcastically "have they even had their first period yet?!" but yeah....I can see it now haha. I'm such a loser lol, but I love the book. I'm a little concerned though, from the previews I've seen of the movie it seems they've taken some creative liberties....that scares me a tad. She seems a little more frightened in the movie than she comes off as in the book. We'll see though. I think we're going to see it on Friday night. Hopefully we're not the oldest ones in the audience hah.

I'll be picking up the next book soon. I'll probably finish Twilight tonight when I go to bed.


  1. i'm reading the book as well. the movie was good and the guy playing Edward was HOT! the writing in the book is what annoys me - you can tell it is written on a teen level and after a few pages, i feel irritated by the dialogue and stuff like that! but i'll just keep reading a few pages at a time and hopefully by page 150 and yell eureka!

  2. Yeah, in the beginning it is very teeny bopperish, but once he's "out of the coffin" and it is known by Bella that he's a vampire, it gets MUCH better. Hang in there :)