Friday, November 21, 2008

Side Effects May Very...

There is always a strange coincidence that occurs when I have a burst of creativity. I love to get motivated by something, something that makes me want to paint or draw....or anything! But I always have a very strange side effect, and that is WEIRD dreams. Yes, apparently my creativity doesn't like to take a rest so it filters itself out at night, in form of whacko dreams.

Last night, I had a dream that I had my old cafe back (I used to own a coffee house, started it from scratch - a very chill, hippy kinda place, lots of fun) so, I had this dream that I had the cafe back, and it had been neglected so there was lots of work to do. Well - I found this crock pot that had been left plugged in and cooking the whole time, and I wanted to turn it off but it was so hot that it was glowing and pulsing orange. I was very frantic about it, when the door bells jingled and I knew a customer was I ran out front to help the customer and guess who it was? Barack Obama and Bill Cosby....yes, and they both had thick, full beards. I was very star struck, for lack of a better word.

I was jumbling to try and make them cappuccino's, but I was also quite concerned about the crock pot catching fire. I was trying to handle both at the same time and Barack & Bill Cosby ended up leaving w/o their coffee. I was so bummed, so I tried to chase them down and bring it to them, but I must have either woken up or the dream went somewhere else at that that's about as much as I can remember!

So, yeah....I guess if I had something about Barack and Cosby on my mind, it's better to come out in a dream than on a drawing/painting haha!

p.s I can't believe I actually found a ready made picture of Barack & Cosby.... it must be fate

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