Friday, December 19, 2008

New Moon & Eclipse

I finished reading book 3 of the Twilight Saga last night. Eclipse. I really love this series. The more I read the more I love it. The connection that is built to these characters is really amazing. I find myself stalling reading book 4, Breaking Dawn. As much as I want to read the book and find out the end of the story, I don't want the story to end. I get silly like this with the end of other things too, I felt the same way about the Harry Potter series. I read all but the last two chapters of Deathly Hollows and I stalled a few days, not wanting the series to be over.

I don't think I ever posted about New Moon, the second book. I did enjoy this book, though it wasn't my favorite of the three, because I am totally in love with Edward's character, this book left me missing Edward quite a bit. In reading book three though, I see how all the events of New Moon were completely necessary. It's great how it all came together, really. It really developed Jacob Black's character, and I do love that character as well. The two really great characters, I'm glad it's not my choice which she ends up with haha. I mean, I'd definitely choose Edward, but, it would still be a heartbreaking choice! Haha.

Eclipse, on the other hand, was right up my alley. It may not have had all the action that Twilight did, but after New Moon I was really wanting the love story to come out more, and it certainly did. I mean, don't get me wrong, there was a good share of mystery and action, I think the movie will be amazing (they should get the Harry Potter team to work on these movies, so they're more true to the book). So, I was up until 4am last night finishing this book heh, I wonder where these dedicated reading skills were when I was a kid and it took me weeks to finish a book! The name of this book fits best of all, too. I mean, the other two names are great, but this one fits really well. You'll see when you read it. I'm happy I bought the hardcover version of New Moon & Eclipse, I'm going to get hardcover of Breaking Dawn, too. The Twilight book I bought is the "movie cover" so it's got the cast of characters on the soft cover. Ah, I didn't pick it out, the girl from Border's did, made me feel a little like a 12 year old girl, seeing as it came with a poster haha, but, my sister liked the poster so it worked out. It was nice having a pic of the Cullen family on the front though, to reference to while reading the book. A lot of times I make characters in my head and then I'm not pleased by the actors that play them in the movie's, the pics helped make it easier.

So, I'll probably pickup Breaking Dawn today, unless they're sold out. I am going to need another vampire series to read after if anybody has suggestions, I'm all ears. I know there is a series that follows one of my fav shows, True Blood. The Sookie Stackhouse Series, I believe. I'm afraid to read those books and ruin the show though, so I'm torn there. Maybe I'll read book 1 and see what I think, since I've already watched the series. I'm not sure. I'm keeping my eye on Laurell Hamilton, her series might appeal to me a bit.

Gotta go, Neil's spotten the Thomas toys we bought for his friends for Christmas and is trying to pull a fast one!



  1. Great tee shirt designs!
    Sandra Evertson

  2. I still haven't read the books yet or seen the movie, I know I am way behind, but after Christmas its on my list!

  3. I just read Twilight for the first time last month -- way cool! I'm definitely going to read the others.

    I've read a couple of Laurell K. Hamilton's books, and they're quite enjoyable. No slogging through endless detail like Anne Rice has sometimes. Lotsa action, a little smooching....

    And I'm with ya on not wanting a series to end... I still have 2 eps of Angel I've never seen, tho I did break down and watch my last un-viewed ep of Buffy last year.

    I'm glad I found your blog -- we have lots in common!