Sunday, December 14, 2008

Merry Christmas to ME! Yay!

The store "Steve & Barry's" is going out of business, having a huge sale with "Nothing Held Back"

I jokingly asked the worker there how much for the mannequin, she said "$40" It's a nice one on wheels, foam filled and in much better shape than the vintage one that was my Nanny's that I've been using.

So I'm walking through the store w/ all the clothes we picked out in a cart, AND wheeling a naked mannequin around behind us.

On the way out we saw empty T stands for clothing, they told me they were $30 - I said, hell yes!

They also had wooden hangers - 20 for $1

and Cherry Wood sign stands that are nice and tall, great for my sign and price list, $10 each or 3 for $15 (someone must have been bad at math!) we bought 3!

Well, the cashier rang us up, we got about 6 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of shorts for my hubby next summer, some t shirts, the mannequin, the metal T-Stand, 3 cherry wood signs, and about 80 wooden hangers - $66!!!!!!

I couldn't believe it. They ended up only ringing the Mannequin up at $20, the T-stand at $10, and the signs at $1 each!

Merry Christmas to ME!!!! These are going to be great for my display at shows. Figures I don't have another show booked for....months! Now I'm really hankering for a show!


  1. soo jealous. I need to get a mannequin eventually. it's really hard to show how things sit on a person without having to be my own model. And well matt can't really use the camera so hot so if i don't have someone over to be my model at the time... i have to do with my bust... and while she's lovely... not so good to model scarves

  2. Awesome deal! If this ever happens again, I demand pictures of you walking through the mall with a naked mannequin. :-D

  3., there is no decent way to drag a mannequin through a store. You either wrap a hand around it's waste and it looks like you're escorting it, or your hand is inevitably on it's butt or boobs, and well, that looks wrong too haha.