Monday, December 15, 2008


Normally I am fine with embarrassing myself, I really have no filter most the time and I am totally fine with laughing at myself, but today was an exception.

Christie, our Speech Therapist was here from Early Intervention, working with Neil. Sean was home because he's covering a late shift at Princeton. The mailman came, and Sean went out to get the mail. He came back in, shuffled through the mail, and pulled out a Playboy magazine!

Apparently they decided to send him a promotional copy because he's listed as a business owner, and they are trying to sell subscriptions/advertising.

Wow, what fun when Sean pulls it out of the pile of mail and casually explains how he must have gotten it as a promotion. It's true, but it sounded like such a load of crap. He might as well have said "oh, I read it for the articles" because it sounded like such a line! So yay, our EI gal probably thinks he's a perv haha.

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