Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Team Tuesday- Wool Lust!

Well this is going to be an exciting week. As some of you may know, my pet rabbit, Hendrix passed away last November. We have really missed him since then. He was a really sweet little guy. When I heard from Hendrix's breeder that she had a new litter of bunnies available, we decided to get a new bunny. We'll be picking her up on Thursday! I haven't decided on a name yet, I have to see her in person first. She'll be a birthday present for me from my Mother in Law and I can't wait to have a little hippity hoppin' bunny in the house again! We get angora rabbits, because we are learning to spin their wool. The wool brushes off naturally with no harm to the animal and it is the warmest type of wool you can get from an animal.
I couldn't find any angora products from New Jersey but I found plenty of awesome hand spun yarn, and an awesome fingerless glove creation made from a luscious yarn! Sort of a"Before & After" for yarn!
Our Etsy New Jersey Team member Pancake and Lulu spun the lovely blue "Mermaid" yarn" in the first picture.

Another Etsy New Jersey Team member Chimera spun this bulky Sweetheart yarn in a lovely pink colorwheel in the second picture!

And for the "after" part of yarn, the lovely Happiknits brings us these darling fingerless gloves. I absolutely love fingerless gloves - and - since it doesn't look like winter is going away any time soon - it's not too late to get yourself a pair!

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  1. I always wish I could do something with those beautiful threads and wools. Love the before and after!!

  2. I love handspun yarns and am also a big fan of fingerless gloves! Great post!

  3. Makes me wanna pick up my knitting needles!