Friday, March 12, 2010

Auction Goodies

I got so many great Auction Goodies & Flea Market goodies that I'm going to break it up into a few posts. Partially because I am excited I actually *have* something to blog about, and partially because I got really cam-whorish with the pictures, and I don't want to have a pic overload haha.

I've been wanting to find a silver set ever since I saw Gypsy Fish's Silver Sunday post a few weeks back. I love the look of the succulent plants in the silver! Last night I found this silver set, and I have 2 succulents that have been looking for a better home - so I'm going to polish this up a tad and rehome the plants! I'll take a pic of the finished product, gotta get some silver polish first. I tried the toothpaste & baking soda method on some other silver-ish stuff I had, not fun!

The two cups that are here are engraved - no clue who they were at the time but I googled it and they are engraved with the names of Baron Von Der Trenck and Baroness Von Der Trenck, who, I would assume was his wife. No wiki on her! Looks like Baron Von Der Trenck was kinda a badass though! I am a skeptical person, I find it hard to believe that these cups were theirs - and from the 1700's. If they are, yay for me! I don't know how I could ever find out for sure, unless Antiques Roadshow comes to town.... or maybe I'll take them down to Pawn Stars! Haha.

Maybe they're from a reenactment or something, who knows. Anybody know this guy? Haha! Either way, I'm happy with my find!


  1. That's so cool! I would love the goblet of a baron or baroness! haha You can just say it's your stage name!

  2. All right, now I have to take photos of my auction goodies - my agate buckets. I just love them too. I'm thinking of putting them on fire bricks on the open fire and using them for my nature dyeing work.

    I'll give all a heads up and a link when posted.

  3. i would LOVE to go to an auction! perhaps later this year :)

  4. Hey I pointed out the, next time I definitely have to bring more money.