Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Team Tuesday! Decor I Love!

On the eve of the new furniture delivery day, I am thinking about decor. We've recently rearranged a bit of the house. Partially because I am forever lacking storage for my art supplies and we have remedied that with the purchase of an antique hoosier cabinet. Closed door storage, what an amazing thing! That's another post though!

Tomorrow we are having a new sofa, oversized chair "and a half" and an ottoman delivered. We are psyched! A lot of our furniture has been hand-me-downs, so this is a big deal for us! Something that is very US and not just available! Not that we are not grateful for the hand me downs, but, we've lived here for 7 years with the "i'm getting rid of _____ do you want it?" decoration theme. It's time to make this house more ours. I'm loving the steps we've made so far!

So, my team Tuesday post is about decor! I am a big fan of Orange Slice Art, by the awesome Lauren R. She's one of the team members that is actually local to me! Not only have I done quite a few art shows with Lauren, (good and bad!) but we both also sell our work at the Mount Holly shop Jersey Made - which sells all handmade goodies, all handmade in New Jersey! Hence, Jersey Made! I have a humble collection of Lauren's creations, no pillows, yet - but they are awesome! Lauren cuts her own block stamps, dyes & stamps the fabric, sews the pillows - she's really hand making everything!

My second choice for design is Beach Chic Designs letter canvases. These are something I've been lusting after for quite a bit. Totally customizable so you can make your anniversary, or your and your spouses initials, your baby's name - your last name - you name it! I've been waiting for someone I know to get married so that I can give these as a gift - wouldn't they make a great wedding present!? Kim is a not so local, but, not so far away team member @ the Jersey Shore. We've had the pleasure of meeting quite a bit and we chit chat on facebook. She's multi talented and has a variety of creations in her shop. She steals my heart with the kid's clothes, and I have some adorable pics of my kiddo wearing some of her designs -but, alas I chose decor for my theme so I'll stick to it haha! Kim is also one of the artists in Mount Holly's Jersey Made!

Last but certainly not least is Sarada's artwork "Nail Polish Witch". Those of you who have seen inside my home know that I have a "thing" for witches. I have a dress from that was my Nanny's dressed up like a witch, wearing a custom handmade witches hat, handmade wand, handmade dreadfalls.... boa... it's quite a sight. I don't think I'm doing it any justice describing it so - let's move on - that's a blog for another day! Annnnywayyyyy...... Sarada's etsy shop is full of witchy goodness! It was hard to pic a favorite, but I definitely am feeling the nail polish witch, maybe it's the owl that makes her speak to me! But - either way, what is a home without decor, and what is decor without artwork?!

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  1. Both are great choices. I really like both Lauren's and Kim's creations.

  2. Yes, love both of your choices! What fun to be creating a new look.

  3. Great stuff and Congrats on the brand new furniture!!

  4. Love it! I can't wait to remodel, too!