Thursday, February 25, 2010

Auction Goodies!

Years ago Sean and I used to have a great time going to the auctions and finding up inexpensive things for the house. It's been a long time since we've gone, and last week we decided to go again. And I'm hooked, again. I guess you could say I relapsed LOL! I've been busy going to flea markets with friends, going thrifting, etc, all of which is a gateway to auctions... as a friend on facebook put it, "the thrill of the auctioneer pointing his finger at you" yes - I know this feeling! YES! I've won! It's mine! It's a rush!
Last week I got some awesome finds, 3 turn of the early 1900's typewriters were the pinnacle of my winnings, I'll have to snap some pictures of them. They're great. The best part is, Neil, my son, loves them - and I paid so little for them that I don't mind if he types away on them. It's definitely a unique way to teach him his alphabet haha.

My first win of the night was this big shopping basket sized wire basket. It has handles, and what looks like a small fishing lure wired to the front of it. I have no idea why that's on there. Maybe I don't want to know. What I do know - it's slightly rusty, well used, and still very sturdy. I'm not sure where it's home is going to be, I think maybe upstairs in the bathroom with some towels rolled up in it. I scored this baby for $4!
I also scored a box of "junk". Now, as I have been on a purging binge lately I told myself I would absolutely NOT buy boxes of "junk" but this one I rationalized.... it had a small Singer box in it full of sewing machine attachments, a few bobbins, some old wooden spools of thread (which I am a major sucker for) and a few other sewing odds and ends. So, I went for it... it was $2. It was practically carrying itself to my car. As for the stuff in the box... there were 2 blue bell jars, I'm keeping them, an old Pepsi bottle - keeping that. A few other oddities - like a "squirrel call" that my MIL claimed..... I said, "why would someone want to call a squirrel" and she told me that you use them to lure in animals that prey on squirrels and then killhunt the bigger animals. The old bait and switch. Works every time. I'm still not completely convinced that I'd want to sit out in the woods and pretend to be a prey animal, but hey, to each their own. The rest of the stuff in the box- a weird holiday tiered app plate, a matching mug thing, a strap on horse feeder thing..... they'll all be taken straight to goodwill. I'm not even taking them out of my car!
From the second we walked in I saw the coke crate. I figured, it's Coke, collectible - no way I'll get it - but I'm gonna try! I set a limit in my head of how much I was prepared to let it go for.. and I got it for less than that! I am stoked!
After that I was very pleased with my purchases. I could have left but rationalized "well I might as well stay and see what _____ goes for. I ended up bringing home a porcelain lamp that has what I call a "Washington-esque" couple on it. It was $2, I couldn't say no. And I always need lamps. It will match my bedroom..... if I need it in the bedroom, I don't know. But it was $2!

All in all I spent a whopping $21! That's including $4 for 4 solid wood folding tv tables that my MIL got for crafting on too!

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  1. What a beautiful lamp...and great Coke Crate...You certainly did well!

  2. What is is about bargain hunting that gives us all that rush? I had to smile when reading the part about how you promised yourself you wouldn't buy any more boxes of junk but fell for one anyone. We've all been there!

  3. Interesting~ : ) Sounds like fun. Swing by my blog, because I've given you an award : )

  4. Love the goodies you picked up! And the photos of them are great too :)

  5. You are the winner of my me at with your home address (package will come from MyBlogSpark/Pillsbury) Congrats!! patti