Friday, March 12, 2010

More Funky Finds

This is one of my favorite things I've gotten at the auctions. Sometimes when I walk into the auctions, or into a booth at a flea market, I see something that just speaks to me. This is more intense at the auctions because if I see something that is calling my name I still have to wait an hour or so for it to be auctioned off. Those of you who know me, know that I am not a patient person in those terms. I don't like waiting! I sit and wonder what it will go for, decide how much I'll bid on it.... case the crowd, watch for anyone else looking at it..... yeah, it's borderline sociopathic. It's also a major thrill! Especially when I actually win the item! Like this time!

Wednesday my item of lust was these two spice drums. They're about 17" tall. I just love them. Butchers Mills Brand, from Philadelphia Pennsyvania. I like local stuff. The auctioneer is getting to see my tastes and looks straight at me when something he thinks I want starts off, is that a good or a bad thing? My favorite things are American rooted, early 1900's, simple, functional farmhouse kinda things. Something that is well loved, not over the top frilly. When I get my hands on these old finds I can imagine when they were new, the scenery that surrounded them and the people that used them. At the time, they were nothing special, it was a spice drum - big whoop! But now? It's like a window to another world. Call it an overactive imagination, but I just see another life time when I hold these things. Hey I know, call it a psychic ability and I can sit on the boardwalk and scam tourists out of their money! LOL!

Their purpose? You must wonder? Right now - we're still adjusting to the new sofa set in the living room. The ottoman, while on the chair is a bit like "sofa land" in our house so when it's not in use we've been tucking it on the end of the sofa, topping it with a coke crate (another auction find) and sitting the lamp in there. Looks great, I love it. But, when we want to use the ottoman, our light is homeless - so, it sits on these fine spice canisters. I think I may find a better use for them in the future, the fact that there is storage inside of them definitely is a plus! Living in an old home, storage is always something that needs to be found creatively, so this is perfect!


  1. so how big are these? they are very cool and now i want one!

  2. they're about 16" tall and 12" diameter. I'm in love with them! I'll keep my eye out for any more. These were from an estate buy out that they did

  3. love them. and again, darn you Abbie Galie (and you too Kecia)..LOL. ;)