Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm a St. Patty's Girl...

We have seen this woman at the flea market for a long time now, for every holiday - no matter how big or small, she is decked out to the nines in holiday attire. Sometimes not even attire, for Christmas, she was wearing a Christmas tree skirt as a cape/poncho!

I love people like this, I really do. She sort of reminds me of my late neighbor, Margie. Of course I don't really know this lady beyond her outfits, but I'd like to think she's kinda like Margie. I miss Margie, she was awesome. I think it's the stretchy pants that really synch the Margie memories with this lady!

So, today - being that I am a St. Patty's baby and I'll be turning 28 on the 17th with my green beer & corned beef with cabbage - I am eternally looking for fun St. Patty's decorations. I really never find much that is great - so when I saw her, I decided she was the best St Patty's decoration I'd ever seen and I needed a pic of us together! So I asked, and she obliged happily.

She told us that her husband likes her to dress up, he really likes it. She said she's gotta "keep her man happy" because "there are a lot of bitches out there that would take your man" I don't even know what my reaction to this was,.... hysterical laughter? I never in a million years would have expected her to tell us about all the "bitches out there" haha! What a character, I love it!


  1. Must've been Columbus....I think I've seen her there...

  2. I really am not sure how we kept it together in the midst of this. What a great time! Still laughing about this one and will be forever!!!

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  4. I can't believe she said that!! As if the outfit weren't enough....of course she's got the attitude to go with it! Seems like my kinda broad!!

  5. I must confess at first glance I thought it was my mother in law...and she would say something like that......I'm serious!
    ha ha ha....
    Oh yeah we're having a gypsy barn sale april 17th right next to the old store...hope you guys can make it..I'll send more details when I get them...ta

  6. aww man I'm taking a natural dying class that day otherwise I'd love to be there! Is it just the one day?

  7. Jill and I are going to run them sat AND sundays one weekend a month...starting small but hoping to add's the barn behind the tea room 1 block down from the shop...