Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a productive 2009

So, it's only January 4, and so far this year I have learned to card wool, spin wool on a spinning wheel, and felt! Tonight while Sean and Neil watched movies, I felted some balls (hah, sounds like a bad LOLCatz macro).

I felted 12 balls, but I only used 11 of them in my bracelet. 6 (the white ones) are made out of sheep wool that April (who taught me how to spin) She gave us a whole sheep worth of wool! So, I have 6 balls, or, felt beads out of that in the creamy white color, and the other 5 are in various greens from a set of mixed green roving that my MIL gave me for Christmas, I know it's sheep too, not sure what kind.

It came out pretty nice! I only have a crappy picture, because I took it with Photobooth, too lazy to grab the camera & take a good pic hehe. But, I will wear it! It's really neat. I am going to make some more, but I have to let my fingers recooperate first haha, I pricked my fingers more than once with those barbed little felting needles. Luckily/Unluckily they're so small and brutile that you barely feel it going in, but it bleeds a ton! I'm not a sissy though, I can handle it :)

So, I'm by no means good at any of this yet, but I like being a fast learner haha, I tend to get a big obsessive compulsive and single minded about new projects. I am really excited about doing all this with the angora wool we have collected, but I don't want to waste it and I have a feeling that once I start using it I won't want to go back haha. I don't want to waste it on learning!

Alright, I'm off. I am going to see Martha Stewart Show w/ some girls from EtsyNJ, I am so excited, that will be on Tuesday. I'm a little afraid of the whole train thing, train stations are on my list of fears....I'd say irrational fears ( like my fear of spiral stair cases and public bathrooms without windows, and grocery store parking lots at night) but, I'm not so sure it's irrational. Ah! Thankfully, the lovely Barbara from Capital City Craft Studio has volunteered to meet me at the train station and help me get where we need to go! I'm going to be glued to her like a bear on honey haha! (you think I'm kidding?)


  1. Wow! You have had a productive weekend. That is so pretty. Those needles are very sharp and they have little barbs on the end.

    Your fingers are going to be sore. I read somewhere that you can wear those little finger caps (turned inside out) that people wear to count money. We'll have to try to find some because I'll need them too.

    Keep up the good and creative work.

  2. How cool! I love learning new things... I just learned to knit a week or so ago. I'm terrible at it so far, and I can only really knit after my 15-mo-old is in bed, but it's still fun.

    Cool bracelet, btw! And I love your blogging name -- Abbey Road is my fave Beatles album by far.