Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Occupational Therapy

Neil had his first private session with Occupational Therapy today at Weisman's. It went well. I have a lot of hope for this place, because it comes on a good recommendation. Good friends of ours have both their boys at Weisman's for different therapies and I've seen some tremendous progress in their kids. Neil will be going for Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy every week. Thank God for Sean's job, and the great benefits we have now because otherwise we would be bankrupting ourselves over this! (Our copays used to be $50 a pop!)

The OT is really cool, she's got a lot of energy and she explains what she's doing, what she's looking for, the benefit of what she's doing, etc - and she does it WHILE she's doing it, rather than stopping to explain to us. It's great information and I'm glad it's a learning experience for me too. Plus the fact that she explains while she's doing it is great, because she's not stopping to explain and wasting valuable time! She's great though, and Neil really seems to like her and enjoy himself. So far it probably seems like a treat for him, because it's fun, swinging, rolling, crawling through the tunnel, etc - he's loving it! I expected him to cry when we left haha!

Speech is on Friday and I'm very excited about that too, though I know it won't be as fun as OT for him, I'm very excited and hopeful for his speech to improve. I think this in combination with preschool will be very beneficial for him. I'm still sad to send my baby out on a school bus, really sad actually, but, it will be good for him in the long run.

He'll be getting Speech & OT in school too, something like 180 min a month, which comes out to like 30 min of each a week. It comes in different forms though, sometimes it's solitary, sometimes it's in a small / large group, sometimes it's with the whole class. So, the private OT & ST is really important on the side.

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