Sunday, January 18, 2009

Neil's New Blanket

I made this blanket for Neil this Sunday afternoon, he really seems to like it and that just thrills me! It's a cute cowboy & Indians design with a fuzzy soft green back!

I am a new sewer, kinda. I sewed stuff as a kid but gommy always did the dirty work with the machine, threading the bobbin, getting it to catch, basically all I had to do was put the pedal to the metal so to speak haha.

Well, thank you to my girl Holly, for showing me how to call a truce with my machine, oh, and work the bobbin thingy hahaa....I am now sewing, not exactly straight lines, but eh, I'm in it for the fun of it hehe.

I had actually bought this fabric and made a really crappy blanket out of it about a year and a half ago. I made a really really crappy blanket, stuffed it in a basket and never looked at it again. Along the way I threatened, berated, and nearly fought to the death with my sewing machine. So, this morning I cut that blanket up and started over. I wanted a smaller, "tote-able" blanket for Neil. Something that wasn't too big for him to carry around with him, but that was big enough to cover him and keep him warm. It came out perfect! I even sewed a little tag onto the one side that says "To Neil, my sweet boy, Love Mommy XOXO" and on the other corner I got fancy with the zig zag stitch and wrote "Neil" hehe.

I figure I better practice with the machine. Holly is coming back over Wed to help me finish up a super secret birthday present for my soon to be 3 year old :)

Which reminds me, I need to make/send invitations to his bday party. 2 weeks til he turns 3. My gosh. That also means 2 weeks until he gets on the school bus for the first


  1. I guess this shames me into getting his blue blankie done.

  2. Nice work and a really cute fabric. Neil is too cute!

  3. Lurve that fabric -- where did you find it? I love westerns and have all kinds of different cowboy-themed stuff for my boy. I've never seen that pattern before, though.

  4. Thanks all :)

    It was fun to make!

    I found the fabric @ Joanns about 18 months - 2 years ago, they have a pretty good selection at my Joanns, not like some other horrid Joanns I've seen!