Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If You Seek Amy...

Man, I feel like such a tool but I must admit, when I'm looking to get moving on something I do partake in a bit of Britney Spears's new CD, Circus.

Mock if you must, but I gotta admit that I'm happy this girl didn't end up dead. It really looked that way for a while last year, and I felt for her, and for her kids. So, of course when she released a catchy new cd I had to have a listen.

Generally this music is reserved for when I just need to think, and not actually "listen" to music, just hear a good moving beat, and go. Great for cleaning, working out , etc.

There's one song on there "If You Seek Amy" that I like -- it's got a great beat and it's pretty catchy, I liked it automatically because there's a silly part that goes "Ha ha he he ha ha ho" which, just caught my attention. So when I find a song, I sometimes get obsessive and want to hear it over and over for a while (makes sean crazy) well.....I am listening to the lyrics and I'm like, wtf does this mean? This song makes no sense? Who is this girl Amy? Yeah....then I'm singing along "All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy" and I'm like....ohhhhhhhhh........yeah. Say it really slow. "If you seek Amy"

Get it? Catchy haha, she gets points for creativity........if she actually wrote the song, idk.


  1. oh man. i had to say it out loud a couple of times. Kids Today!!!


  2. Okay,
    I must be slow. I said it fast, slow and with different em-PHA-sis...

    ...never mind. It just came to me as I was typing.

  3. I've heard a few songs off it, got to listen to the one you mentioned!

  4. I really am very sloooooww....cuz I still ain't gettin it. :(

    On another note...too lazy to post twice...great blog above about Handmade everything and not handmade as well....books, crayons, pens, paper....imagine it all...ugh.

  5. LOL!!! my hubby "spelled" it out for me.
    Very Creative.

  6. Haha yeah you really have to say it slowly and with a dirty mind lol