Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Creations

In spite of the chaos of the Handmade Faire, I'm happy to say that I've been able to break away time for some new creations. Over the past spring I created some new wall art that I'm calling "Art Blocks Originals". Now, the originals will go for around $250 a pop, but of course in this economy, people aren't really spending on Art at that price.

I spoke w/ Julie, the owner of Creative Genius Art Gallery, an awesome contemporary art gallery where I have some of my art. She suggested creating the Art Block Originals in a way that I could sell them in a $20 range, and said that was a comfortable price that people will be ok with spending. I have to agree, my tee's are $20 and I do well selling them at art shows and online. It was a little difficult for me to "simplify" things to the extent that would put it in the $20 for my art, but I have done it!

Along with helpful idea's from Julie and my friend Holly I've created Art Blocks! They're little aprox 5x5 painted wooden blocks with prints of my originals mounted onto them. I am extremely happy with the way they came out, I even sold a bunch at the last two shows I did! I have to go get some more wood this week so I can create more to bring to Julie in the Gallery. Here's a pic of what I've been up to lately, along with a close up of one of my fav's. I think they look great alone, or grouped up in a big geometric style. Not all of them are of birds, but, yeah - most of them are. I was on a bird kick, what can I say! I have a few idea's for a new character beside the bird to introduce, but I'm still debating. If you have any idea's,let me know! Always looking for inspiration!

Tonight we're going to Atlantic City with some friends to see Harry Potter on IMAX. I do occassionally completely geek out and love Harry Potter... I'm still debating wearing my "Tonks" hat :) I got it last Halloween off Etsy.... wore it for the Halloween Party @ Crissy's (btw, sorry for posting this pic Sean, but you really shouldn't let me take pics when you've got beer in you!) haven't worn it since.... tempting, but, probably won't.

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