Friday, August 28, 2009

Apple Juice

In the eyes of Neil, my 3 year old, every drinkable liquid is apple juice, or, as he says "apbull jews"

This AM I was doing a few chores around the house and I have the ultimate lazy method of filling the dogs dish. It's directly behind the sink on the kitchen island, so, I can spin the faucet around, put it on a slow stream and it fills the bowl up. It's a bonus because usually Fiona, our dog, loves to drink the stream of water so she usually comes and drinks as it's filling.

Being the ultimate multi-tasker, I was also swiffering the other end of the kitchen where Fiona had made a mess (gotta love little dogs). So I finish up, get her some dog food and I called her "Fionnnnaaaaa" and Neil, who is always only 2 steps behind me yells "Nona.... apbull jews!". He was calling her to come get her apple juice haha.

I thought it was too funny that he thinks that not only is whatever I'm drinking "apple juice" but - apparently the dog drinks it as well. Just a little glimpse of perspective that reminds me how little he really is, and how adorable that is!

P.S. I finally cut his hair yesterday! He can see again! See the Before & After shot of the little guy!

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