Friday, August 7, 2009

Art Shows

I am way overdue on updates, and I apologize! It is mainly thanks to the chaos of organizing the Handmade Faire: Summer of Love Edition which was more time consuming than the previous shows. The show ended up going fantastic, we had aprox 8000 shoppers come through over the day - we had 100 goodie bags to give away to the first 100 shoppers, and I was a stickler about not giving them out before 10:00 - even though people were arriving by 9! At 10:00, we began giving out the goodie bags and they were gone in about 20 minutes. We gave one per "group" so if a family of 4 came, they got one - seemed fair. So, the community support was fantastic. Now if only I could get the township's support! Check out more pics from the Handmade Faire here! (Click on the mosaic for a bigger image too1)

I also participated in another show this summer, EtsyNJ @ Om Baby in Point Pleasant,NJ. Had a fun time at that show too - it was all EtsyNJ gals, which generally is a really friendly, happy, supportive group! Kim from beachchikdesigns organizes this show, she does a great job. Her friend, Christine from Sweet Life Photography was there to take some awesome pics. The one to the left is one of my fav's that Christine took. It's actually sent me on a whole "I hate my photo's" spree because looking at this pic, and then looking at the pics I take, well, the colors are just so much truer in this photo than in mine. It's not that I don't like my actual photography, I just don't like what the camera is giving me. So, first after this picture, then after spending a day with my friend Heather from Heather James Photography who suggested the Canon Rebel for me, I am officially lusting after a new camera. So. IDK. Hubby and I do have our anniversary coming up in October, the 11th is 10 years of being together! That seems like such a long time! Maybe that will be my anniversary present :) If I can wait that long! I am not very patient when it comes to things like this haha.
Well, I am still in the middle of reorganizing the house and moving things around a bit, (read: the house is a disaster area right now) so, I better get back to that!

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