Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Neil's Favorite Babies

Anyone who has seen Neil recently, knows that he's always got his three little comrades with him - Chaucer, Elephant, and little old Ming Ming. Sometimes he's got a little blanket with him too... they've all become quite a part of him! One night he brought me the camera, he loves getting his pictures taken..... and he showed me all his babies for photo's. These will go in the scrapbook for sure!

Chaucer is Neil's absolute favorite. So much so - that we actually bought a "backup" that we now have named "Bizarro Chaucer". We were in Borders w/ Neil, waiting in a long Christmas line and Neil saw Bizarro Chaucer and said "MINE! Dauder (how he says chaucer)" so, Sean and I decided to buy a "just incase" because at that point, without Chaucer there would be no sleep, there would be no peace.... it would be a bad thing! We've used him only once, and that was for a Teddy Bear Picnic that Neil had in school. I didn't want anything to happen to Chaucer in school, so we sent the stand-in Bizarro Chaucer. Ahh the things you worry about when you're a parent! But - yes, Chaucer is his most favorite, most loved teddy ever. He carries him with him nearly everywhere. He's well loved, fur isn't quite as fluffy and the stuffing isn't where it used to be.... you can tell he carries this bear in somewhat of a head lock, as the stuffing from the neck is totally gone! Once school starts, I can do some "surgery" on him and restuff him... but I think that would be too much for Neil to handle now!

The other two babies are Elephant, a little beanie baby sized elephant that plays "twinkle twinkle little star" when you push his belly. My cousin, Neil's Godmother - Bridget, gave it to me @ my baby shower. About a year ago Neil rediscovered it with some other baby items I was putting away, and hasn't let it go since.
Last, but not least, is Ming Ming, a chickadee. Now this one tickles me, because he's the teeniest little thing, about the size of Neil's hand - like a real chick! SO easy to loose. I can't tell you how often we are looking for this little guy. The Easter Bunny put him in Neil's basket. Neil named him "Ming Ming" all on his own, as this is the name of the duck in Wonder Pets, one of Neil's fav shows... I guess he thinks it's the same thing! I do think it's hysterical to hear him look for Ming Ming though, he goes around the house and says "Ming Ming....wear ahhh youuuu??" so cute.

The Blanket is a little more interchangeable. We have tons of those little flannel receiving blankets from when Neil was an infant. He has about 10 that he rotates through as his fav's to sleep and snuggle with.

Ahh, a boy and his teddy! You can click the pics for bigger versions!

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  1. Oh he really is the cutest kid ever! I think I have have done the Ming Ming search a few times. LOL!!!