Monday, November 3, 2008

I am a Ninja

Wow, ok - maybe it's the caffeine, maybe it's my super mom ninja skills, but I am totally on point right now. Seriously. I feel like I should be searching the place for radioactive spiders or something.

As probably a few of you know, I play the cello. I haven't done it in a long time, which I am sad about, but - still. Anyway, I have 2 cello's - I have a really good one (named Grendel) that I play on when I do play, and I have the one that I got when I was in 7th grade, (named Bull). The one from 7th grade has obvious sentimental value to me. While Grendel stays in the case, safe from running toddlers and leaping dogs - Bull sits and leans between the wall and the buffet table near the entrance to my kitchen.

Well - today I was herding Neil and Fiona (dog) out of the kitchen. I had Neil's pbj on a plate in my one hand, and he was drinking his juice as he was walking to the living room. Carrying food makes Fiona spin, she kind of backwards walks, jumps,'s annoying and cute at once. Neil was walking and Fiona leaps around him, knocking the cello over (Bull).

Somehow, I manage to grab the cello and keep it from
1. crashing on the floor
2. hitting Neil

also, I did not drop the pbj. It was like super human - grabbing the cello just inches from Neil's head, saving the cello (which I would have been completely devastated if it had broken) and not skipping a beat!

So, beware - I am quickly consuming caffeine and honing my super human powers!

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  1. Wow.... You are superhuman. I'm seriously amazed. I'm clapping for you as I type! Hehe, well, I would be, but I'm typing.