Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EtsyNJ Team Tuesday- Saying Thanks!

The amazing and talented group of etsy sellers from New Jersey - EtsyNJ has decided to host a team blog hop every Tuesday. Each Tuesday EtsyNJ members will be blogging about other team members in order to get the word out about all the wonderful handmade goodness that is available right here in New Jersey.

<--- Thank You Card by AJKArtistry

Today is a rainy, dreary, dismal day in New Jersey. However, there is something I am thankful for - the fact that it is rain and not snow! I am so sick to death of snow! Rumor has it that we are expecting snow Wed/Thurs but hopefully nothing that amounts to anything!

<---- Thank You Card by SiblingStew

So, my feature today is about Thank You cards, my way of sending a virtual "thank you for not snowing" to the great state of New Jersey! I have had the pleasure of meeting each of these three designers in person ( I even went to Elementary School with Sibling Stew! We were great friends then!) and seeing their work up close, and it is even more beautiful in person! So, if there is someone in your life that deserves a thank you - send a beautiful one! These are just as affordable, if not less expensive than Hallmark cards, and so much more beautiful!

<---- Gratitute Card by Collective Elements

To see more great finds from EtsyNJ Team Members, Search "EtsyNJ" on Etsy.com! Check out the links below with "McLinky" that will show you the other EtsyNJ bloggers that are participating in Team Tuesday this week!

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  1. Great picks! I've ordered cards from AJK Artistry before, she does great work.

  2. I love this idea - Great Cards! It's snowing here as we speak - I am SICK of it!!

  3. Lovely cards! I'm loving this Team Tuesday idea! :)