Monday, January 18, 2010

Ahhhh Organization Lust!!!!

I was reading Somerset Studio & saw an add for the "Original Scrap Box"

i literally stared at the page and had visions of an organized workspace, everything I need within my fingertips - and better yet - having a home for this magical land among the rest of my family in my house - hidden when it needs to be, easily disguised in my dining room!

Has anyone seen this thing? Is anyone lucky enough to *own* this thing? It looks amazing. I am surely strongly considering saving up for this thing. But it got me thinking - are there other things like this? What do you all use for organizing your crafting space?

If I get one, I want to go for the biggest one -the "Workbox" ahhhhh it just seems too good to be true. It's like the unicorn of my craft world!

See, in reality I'd love to have a bigger house, so I could just have a room to call my own and make that my creative space. We do have 3 bedrooms and the third bedroom at the moment is currently an "office" (read: shit we don't know what to do with goes here) I've thought many times of turning this room into my craft room. It's small, but, I don't need much. I just know that if I do turn the office into my studio - I'll immediately get pregnant and we'll need the room for the baby. That's just how things go. Which is fine, I just, dont't want to bother because I know that's what would happen!

So, whatever I do it has to be as functional as possible, and also be able to work in my dining room. Right now my Buffet table, a vintage steamer trunk, and an old pharmacists table are in there disguised as decoration/furniture and packed to the gills with supplies. It's ok, but it's not functional.



  1. Wow, this thing is amazing. I myself have a "craft room," which is a fancy way of saying I store all my inventory and supplies in the spare (second) bedroom, which also houses my boyfriend's closet. Even so, I end up doing most of my work in front of the TV in the living room - so it's perpetually messy. Good thing we never have people over . . . At any rate, it's nice to know I'm not the only one with a problem!

  2. go for it Abbie...Make that 3rd bedroom room your work room so you get preggo!!!

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