Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New in my Etsy Shop

I was so ashamed when I went to my etsy shop and found it EMPTY! Ack! How is that possible?! Well, I've been really focusing on my wholesale business lately, which is a good thing - but - etsy had taken a back burner for me and all my listings expired! Yikes! So, my etsy team - EtsyNJ, which is an etsy location based team for New Jersey has decided to run a weekend long sale during Thanksgiving Weekend, November 25-30. I of course want to participate, and nothing gets me moving like a deadline to get me motivated - so, I signed up.
Being the nit picker than I am, I needed to re-do my pictures since I haven't done that since I got my new camera, so I took all new pics of my Art Blocks before listing them.

Along my path of listing things and thinking OMG WHY WHY WHY isn't there a "c
opy" option on Etsy like there is on my wholesale site?! It would make things SO much faster! I started a search and found this site - etsyhacks - where, so long as you run firefox as a browser, you can install something that lets you copy your existing listings, and also I installed a feature that lets me add 5 photo's at once rather than select, upload, loading......... repeatx5. It's super handy, I listed pretty much everything in my shop today from scratch..woot!

So, now I am all set for the Thanksgiving Weekend Sale that EtsyNJ is hosting! Of course I still have other things I should / will / might list.... but, I'm happy my Art blocks are up!

In other, less interesting but odd news, as I'm typing this I'm sitting in the waiting room at my son's therapy doctor..... he's in therapy and I sit and wait, as usual... well, there's a dad in here waiting that was sitting a few seats over and ever since I brought out my laptop he started pacing around the room, now he's standing about 10 feet behind me to my left side, just.... standing there rocking back and forth on his feet... uh, wtf? If you're THAT interested in what I'm doing, maybe ask me, it's not all that magical and secretive! WHACKO! Hahaha... maybe the caps are big enough he can read them from across the room ahhahaha.


  1. Everything is looking great Abby! Nice work~

  2. those are gorgeous!! I L*O*V*E* the colors:)