Monday, April 20, 2009

God's (Microsoft) Word

I haven't updated in a while, but, I don't really have time for a full on update. This was just too funny to not post about.

So, a few months ago we gave my grandmother (those who know me, know her as Gommy) our Blue iMac so she can go online, type letters, email, etc. She's still getting used to it. Today she called me and sounded concerned - "Where's Sean?" and I said....he's at work....why? She says that she has been on the computer typing out a plan and a story to read to her bible school kids (she teaches bible school a few days a week in Northern Jersey) so - she's typing out her story & plan, and she says three times now "Sean Galie" has popped up on the screen. She got worried, and said some prayers for him. When it happened a third time she called me, concerned. She worries about him because he's a firefighter, plus, she's very religious so, she thought it was some kind of sign that she had to pray for him. So, she calls me and tells me this.

I asked her, "are you signed into Gmail?" thinking maybe Sean was checking his email and signing in through google messenger or something....but no, she wasn't signed in.

So, I said - well, what were you typing? She says it's the story of Moses parting the Red Sea. Well - here is where I figure it out. Word remembers the things and tries to anticipate what you are writing - so every time Gommy types "Red Sea" the "Sea" brings up "Sean Galie" hahaha. Ahh I had a good laugh with that one, after I explained it to her, and told her that God's not speaking to her through Microsoft Word - this time :)


  1. go gommy! poor thing! cute story.

  2. That's so funny! But I can see how it could bother her if she's at all superstitious. :)