Thursday, April 30, 2009

Creative Recycling

So, last Saturday my girl Holly & I did a "Creative Recycling" demonstration at the Waretown Branch of the Ocean County Library. We had all sorts of creative recycled items.

IMG_5408 IMG_5411All mostly made from old, broken, or would be trashed items. We had a great time. The OC Library put a cute blog up about us too. The work showcased that day was mostly made by:

Original Abbie Artwork (me) Creating in Slippers (Holly )
Sue Bee Buzz
Creations by Robin
Lemoncholy's Flight of Fancy
The Enchanted Cupboard

more pics @ my Flickr!

We had a good time. Not a huge turnout, I think the great weather sent people to the beach and not to us! Also, I think the requirement to preregister probably hurt too, I know I hate to preregister for stuff incase I end up not making it.....and even if I end up with time to go the day of, if it said to preregister and I didn't, I figure I can't go. So, IMHO that probably hurt the turnout too! It was fun though, and Holly & I not only scored some great books to decoupage with at the booksale that day, but we got to go to Sonic for lunch. I love Sonic haha....probably because I have been watching the commercials for years and had never actually ever seen a Sonic in NJ. Well, they opened one in Waretown and there are rumors of one opening in Mount Holly on 38 this summer, so, we'll see!

Another fantastic bonus - on the way home we stopped by a totally amazing yard sale. The guy used to have an antique store, so he had some amazing finds. He was a little bit of a high pressure salesman and when he asked what I was looking for (which, I rarely ever know WHAT I'm looking for, it's more like it finds me haha) I jokingly said "how about some skeleton keys?" cause I didn't see any out, at all. Well - he ran in the house and came back out with a giant coffee can full of them. I bought about half the can, Holly bought some, and we left some less than great ones behind. I ended up with aprox. 75 of them for $20, which I thought was a pretty great price! Now I can finally make more of my necklaces. I had only about 5 keys before, and.....well, I was hording them lol. I made necklaces and kept them for me lol. Now I finally have some I can make and sell.......though right now the keys are in a vintage cut glass bowl that was Sean's grandmother's, and they are looking mighty stellar. I love to just sit and look at them haha, I've yet to do anything great with them yet, other than just look. Today I did take some pics, so...that's sort of productive, right?


  1. wish I had been there with you- especially at that yard sale!

  2. Oh gosh, I wish I would have known, I was in town that weekend- I would have come out and supported you! Love your "Tilly" on the banner of your table, BTW.

  3. The library even had the two lighted signs on Route 9 for a week before the presentation advertising it. I really appreciate Abbie and Holly covering for me. I made the original commitment. They did an outstanding job!