Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Two Hour Delay

Neil's third day of school brings lots of snow! We have a two hour delayed opening today. It was pretty cool because last night I signed up for text alerts for school delays/closings through 6abc - so when his school updates the news/radio stations of delay/closings -it texts me for his school only! How cool is that? Here's a view of our front porch, the snow really piled on last night!

I had a feeling there might be a delay/closing today because the snow was coming down pretty good last night. Sure enough, 4:49am I got a text message that said school was delayed 2 hours! It was really handy, I gotta admit!

Sean was home with us today so we are having a nice morning. Sean and Neil played Connect 4, we got this for Neil for his bday. He really likes this game and is surprisingly great about not dumping the pieces all over.

We haven't gotten him a whole lot for his bday, we're going to wait until after his party on Sunday because it's just easier that way, no duplicates!

We are thinking of renewing his membership to the Franklin Institute which is what we gave him last year - and we've been over there quite a bit. It's a really awesome place and he has a ton of fun there - and learns a lot, I gotta admit that we have a lot of fun there too!

The teacher says that Neil is following the routines of the day very nicely and seems to really be enjoying school. This makes me so happy! I'm glad that it's a good fit. The bus driver reported that yesterday he found his seat on his own (they have assigned seats as they are in car seats) and climbed up into it. Of course the driver/aid buckles them in but I thought that was pretty good, especially since it's only day 2!

He came home from school yesterday, climbed onto the sofa to take off his shoes & socks and said "off" for each shoe and sock. That's pretty good, probably doesn't seem like much to most moms of toddlers but it's good for Neil since he's in the class due to his lack of vocal abilities.

This was yesterday - Neil's 2nd day of school. I didn't cry when he got on the bus this time hehe. I figure I should at least be as emotionally strong as a 3 year old, right?

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  1. He must be leaving his shoes and socks on in school with no problem as you haven't said anything. My little hillbilly takes them right off whether we are in the cottage or over the office down the shore.