Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun Fact about Sticky Glue Fly Traps

Quick little fun fact ...... You know those disgusting fly strips that people can can pull out of that little tube capsule, stretch it out and it hangs from the ceiling? It is great for catching stray fly's, the one pictured to the left (not my pic, found it online)?

Guess what gets the nasty sticky worse than honey & molasses mixed together glue out of your HAIR when it falls onto your head? EW!

Well, the answer is rubbing alcohol.

I was taking laundry into the basement and it fell onto my head, I guess I must've brushed past it or something, I don't know. The minute I went past it I thought, oh shit...did I? And then I feel behind my head and OMG sticky. My hair might as well have mated with this freaking fly trap it was so stuck in there! I FREAKED OUT. Of course, if you know me you know how calm and cool headed I can be in situations involving bugs (NOT) so I immediately started pulling it out of my hair and screaming "OH MY GOD" progressivly faster and louder. Once I pulled it all the way out of my hair I tried to isolate the part that was sticky and ran upstairs to the bathroom, still screaming OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD

I did freak out and panic, and cut some of it out, I had to, it was one of those situations you hear of in wars and movies, where you have to sacrefice one life to save many. It was just like that haha - for the greater good. I decided I needed to get the glue off my hands before attempting anymore hair removal. dice. liquid dice. Shampoo? Nope.......Apricot scrub? (don't ask me why I tried this?), not that either.

Finally, an epiphany....RUBBING ALCOHOL! YES! I soaked a baby wipe in rubbing alcohol and rubbed the glue off my hands. Then my hair...then the thought...wait, is this going to make my hair bleached out? Well.....I guess I didn't care. I continued to scrub and thank God it came out.

Then a shampoo and all seems to be normal except for the massive headache I have from yanking that thing out of my hair while screaming at the top of my lungs!

So - for all you unlucky saps who may be frantically searching something like "remove sticky glue fly trap from hair" well, the answer is rubbing alcohol! I hope you never have to use this information!


  1. I had a trap fall on my hard wood floor I had a sticky mess!!! So after reading this I went to get in the cabinet to get the alcohol. In front of the alcohol was Mineral Oil..hmmm.So I grabbed the M.O soaked a paper towel and went to town rubbing! IT WORKED!! It took less then 20 seconds. This was a big sticky mess too!!

  2. My girlfriend just called me crying, she has a fly strip (that was of course full of dead flys) stuck on her head. Hope this works.

  3. Sadly I had to google this for a friend! LOL, hope it helps him! Thanks!!