Monday, February 2, 2009

Neil's First Day at School

Today is Neil's Third Birthday! It's also another huge landmark day in Neil's childhood - his first day of school! Here's Neil 3 years ago, just about (he was a few days old in this pic)

I have been really emotional about sending Neil to school, but it's going to be good for him so we gotta do it. It's a preschool program through our district. The bus drives him and everything, it's all big boy stuff!

He did great today. The school bus was really late picking him up so things didn't go as smoothly as I'd have hoped, but he got to school just fine and with no tears. He got onto the bus with a little hesitation, then the drivers buckled him in and he was all set to go. I was a mess, crying. I tried to hold it together until I was out of sight though.

Then my mom and I promptly jumped into the car and followed/chased the bus, I had to make sure he got off the bus and into school today and I wanted to make sure he wasn't crying. I knew that if he wasn't crying I'd feel better.

He was totally fine. The teacher's aid called to let me know that he was having a good day, no tears! He turned out to be a lot more brave than I was haha. Mom & I went to breakfast and Target, and then got home in time for the bus! He looks like such a big boy on the school bus. Here's to no tears tomorrow from me :)

Before School -
First Day of School

No makeup, I'd just cry it off anyway
Me, no makeup - I'll just be crying it off anyway

Waiting for the bus...
Waiting for the Bus

Sitting on the bus!
There's his sweet little face in the school bus!

Getting home from school - look at his little bookbag! So official :)
Getting off the school bus

I'm going to stop writing before I start crying again!

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  1. Aww! What a big boy! I'm glad his first day was uneventful and I hope he enjoys every day at school.