Friday, August 29, 2008

Voluntary Insomnia?

I swear I am nocturnal. I just do not want to go to bed. I stay up working on the computer in the uninterrupted quiet that I am not allowed during the day when Neil is awake.

I am, of course, researching angora rabbits. I really want to get one, my MIL is getting two soon. She's taking Commander Bun Buns (RIP) old rabbit hutch and fixing it up so she can use it. I'll be keeping my bunny inside, with an occasional front porch appearances, if its nice out heh.

It's now 12:30, I started this entry like 30 minutes ago, got interrupted ( see, that's what I get for basking in the quietness) by an email, and completely forgot til now.

I think I'm going to call it a night, go up to bed and watch tonight's episode of Swingtown, I just love that show. I love the teacher character, he's so cute.

I made nothing artsy today. Boo on me. I did a lot of work on websites though, and stuff for the Handmade Faire if that counts as artsy?

Tomorrow Neil is spending the night at my MIL's house, and we're going to go into Philly and checkout Dark Knight on the IMAX w/ two friends of ours.

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