Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am a basketcase

See, you may not know this if you've never talked to me at length or met me in person - but here is proof positive that I'm a certified basketcase:
I am a basket case
my mother in law, made this basket. I forget the name she had for it, but it's pretty special.

Today Holly from (still pending site) came over and we crafted a bit. She had these funky wood hearts that she'd found at a garage sale. They're slices of a tree that are already naturally shaped like hearts. Pretty cool. Here's what I did with mine, a little beading, etc.
A project Holly & I worked on today

Neil's napping right now, he doesn't have a fever or anything but I think he's feeling a little under the weather. It's not like him to sleep this long, and go into bed so early. At least I got to watch the latest episode of Weeds.

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