Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Team Tuesday: Blackbird72

Dandelions were one of my favorite things as a kid - I remember picking the yellow ones and making "Dandelion Soup" outside in my playhouse. Do you remember holding a dandelion under someone's chin - if it reflected yellow then that means that person likes butter.....the logic doesn't really translate into adulthood but I remember it being pretty neat as a kid. Of course there is that sick little rhyme where you put your thumb under the bud of the dandelion and say "momma had a baby and it's HEAD popped off!" and flicking the flower bud off the top as you say it... yeah, another sick little endearing child's rhyme! I hope I'm not the only one who remembers these rhymes....Then there are the puffy dandelions like in Blackbird's photo. I couldn't pass one of these as a child without picking it up and blowing the seeds all over. As an adult I can barely pass one without sneezing....but, that's another story haha. Check out the rest of Blackbird72's Shop: She has lots to offer. She offers custom photography too!

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  1. What a neat shoppe! Love this week's choice ~ and those pictures are beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous photography. I love this shop!

  3. I definitely remember the liking butter :) and the dandelion clocks for the time! Thanks for reminding me :)